Wander With Me: The City of Angels & BTS

This past weekend, I escaped to Los Angeles, California with some friends for one last taste of summer. California has always felt like home to me and is my absolute favorite place to visit. The food, the ocean, the nightlife – Cali has it all and more. Wander with me as I recap some of my highlights and foodie reviews of my weekend getaway!

d a y  o n e

Uncle John’s Cafe


As seen on Buzzfeed’s Worth It steak episode. And yes – it is definitely worth it. Everything pictured here + a slice of toast for 12 bucks. I got my steak medium rare and it was cooked perfectly. You know how you don’t expect much when you order a steak from Applebee’s or Denny’s? Not this steak. This $12 steak is so good, I can’t believe it’s only $12. Unfortunately, the fried rice was kind of bland. I would just order white rice to eat with next time as the steak has plenty of flavor.

Not pictured is their thai tea. If you ever find yourself at this cafe, do yourself a favor and order their thai tea. By far the best I’ve ever had in my damn life. One of my friends didn’t order it and regretted his life after having a taste of ours. Don’t regret your life. Buy the thai tea.

Kyochon Chicken


Located in Koreatown. This KFC is amazing and I’m not talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken. I’m talking about Korean. Fried. Chicken. I don’t like too much batter on my fried chicken and these wings were battered perfectly. They are fried twice for that perfect crispiness and still jam packed with flavor. Drooooling. Shout-out to Hien & Ani for bringing us here!

Happy Lemon


I love tea drinks and I love cheese so how about a cheese tea drink? Sound weird to you? I was hesitant too, but I trusted Ani and Hien and with one sip I was sold. I tried the green tea cheese drink. The strategy is to drink it at a 45 degree angle to get both the cheese and the tea. My first taste made me say “WHOA” out loud. I didn’t know what to expect. The contrast of the savory cream cheese and the refreshing sweet tea was a pair made in heaven. Be open-minded and give it a try!!

d a y  t w o

The Broad museum


We came to The Broad museum for the sole purpose of seeing Yayoi Kusuma’s infinity mirror room, but while we waited our turn, we found the rest of the museum to be very interesting! It’s free to get in so definitely keep this museum in mind if you like to explore what other states’ museums have to offer.

Yayoi Kusuma’s

The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away

This is the infinity mirror room you see popping up all over Instagram. Times to see the room are booked full months in advance. My friend Bob was an MVP and signed up for notifications in case any times were to open and got us in! We waited hours to see it and only got 45 seconds in the room, but it was well worth the wait. The room was nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced and pictures cannot do it justice. You just have to see it for yourself. It was magical.

Little Tokyo

After waiting hours to see the infinity mirror room, my friends and I decided to create our own “food tour” in Little Tokyo. We aimed to try things at five different places. Our stomachs could only handle four (lol).

First, we had karaage (Japanese fried chicken) at Karayama and it was bomb.com.edu.gov!! I was skeptical because I’ve only experienced disappointing karaage in Minnesota  that looked and tasted like chicken nuggets in the past, so I ordered chicken wings in case I didn’t like their karaage either. I was dead wrong. Pass on the wings, get the karaage! So juicy! It was karaage done right.

We then had ramen at Daikokuya. I’ve never been much of a ramen person, but after giving this ramen a shot, my mind was changed. There’s no wonder that Daikokuya has the best ramen in Little Tokyo. Afterwards, we had drinks at Boteaga where we ordered more cheese tea drinks. Pictured are dragonfruit, mango, and tiramisu; none of which you can go wrong with.


The last place our stomachs could handle was Chinchikurin where they specialize in Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki which are a Japanese style savory pancake. It was so good, but I was stuffed at that point and only could take a couple bites. With that, our self-created food tour was cut short because our stomachs begged us to stop. Wish we had room for revolving sushi!!


I loved exploring Little Tokyo at night. It was lively and had so many cute little shops. There was even public karaoke in the plaza area if you had the guts to go up and sing! I would definitely come back to Little Tokyo for the food and atmosphere!

d a y  t h r e e

Hatch Escape Room


My friends love escape rooms and try to do one anywhere they travel to. This one was called “The Hatch”. It is one of the highest rated escape room in LA and for good reason too! We were test subjects in another world where mice were giants and did tests on humans! The story line was entertaining and the props were highly detailed. You could tell a lot of effort went into the room. The puzzles were challenging and we had to ask for a few hints but we managed to escape with a little over a minute to spare. If you love escape rooms, this room is a must do!



This was the ultimate reason we came to LA. I have loved K-Pop since I was young but no boy band caught my interest as much as Big Bang until BTS (Big Bang still kings tho). Peter and I agreed that it was the best concert we’ve ever been to! I’ve never heard artists express their gratitude for their fans so much in one night. They danced effortlessly, sang amazing live, and stole our hearts over and over again. It was a beautiful night filled with the lights of their fans. If you haven’t heard of BTS yet, please check them out! They are all about mental health and loving yourselves which is another plus to their already amazing spirits.

Black Sheep


This burger beats In-N-Out, Shake Shack, you name it. Black Sheep takes the gold. I have never tasted a burger so damn good. I may have been starving and had a little booze in me but my sober friends still give it a 10 so my opinion stands. I heard the buns used to be black hence the name ‘Black Sheep’, but they no longer carry them. Still amazing and it’s not overpriced!

d a y  f o u r

Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle


Dipping. Ramen. It was my first time and I never want to have ramen any other way. The broth was more like a creamy sauce to dip the noodles in, coating the noodles perfectly. The pork was so soft and the noodles were perfectly cooked. It was so filling but I wanted to keep eating more. This is a must eat!!

Plus you might see a celebrity there. Like Jason Momoa. Even he said it himself as he walked out – “SO GOOD!”

Yes, we saw Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo aka Aquaman aka the man who likes drinking beer and throwing axes. No pictures because he was with his kids but he shook our hands!!!!! They were rough, manly hands. I’m still in denial that he acknowledged us. Shaking just thinking about it as I’m typing this. It was the best way to end our trip.

Even with this jam-packed weekend, there’s still so much more to explore in LA. Hopefully I will be back to my soul home soon! Thanks for reading my first travel post. I hope you enjoyed it and can reference back to this whenever you take a trip to LA! Let me know if I should blog about more trips in the future! My goal is to get a camera for the purpose of vlogging so I can give you guys a visual of my travels but until then, I plan to share via Instagram and this blog. Happy traveling!

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