There’s a Lot to See-attle

This year, Carlos and I celebrated our four year anniversary — in Seattle! We love exploring new places and trying new things together, so it was so much fun to travel to a city we both have never been to before! With the help of our friends’ suggestions on places to go and things to do, I thought I would share some fun activities we did during our short time there. (Also, if you were one of the friends that helped to give suggestions, THANK YOU!)

Ferry Ride to Bainbridge Island

We absolutely adored riding the ferry to Bainbridge Island! We were able to take in the mesmerizing ocean and not to mention the beautiful skyline of Seattle! One could tell that Carlos and I were tourists too, since the majority of people stayed in the seating area inside the ferry while he and I braced the strong winds at the very front of the boat (and snapped one too many pictures). After the 30-minute ferry ride, we were able to explore Bainbridge Island. There were plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from! We ate at a place called Bruciato, and they had theee best fire roasted pizza (much better than Punch Pizza, in my opinion). Afterwards we went to Mora’s Ice Cream, where they served so many unique and delicious homemade flavors!

2018-07-02 10.39.21 1.jpg2018-07-02 10.42.54 1.jpg2018-07-17 08.57.32 1.jpg

Starbucks Reserve

We had three days to explore and venture around Seattle, yet we somehow managed to visit the Starbucks Reserve two out of the three days we were there — it was just that good! (And I don’t usually even drink coffee, lol.) I was in awe watching fresh coffee beans being made, and I must say that I definitely appreciated Starbucks a lot more after we visited. We tried some of their delicate fresh pastries, and for coffee, I had one of their signature espresso shots paired with Mora’s Ice Cream and a refreshing cold brew shake! Sooo satisfying. Why can’t every Starbucks have these?? Oh well, that just means we have to go back to Seattle… 😉

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Pike Place Market

It was so much fun visiting Pike Place Market! We visited here twice during our trip, and each time we went, there were always big crowds of people exploring the market. We saw fresh fish being thrown to the vendors, and we also saw so many pretty floral bouquets of different assortments and sizes that were pretty cheap too ($5-15)! We also visited the Gum Wall, which was oddly cool and gross to see at the same time (lol). And then we eventually made our way to the souvenir shops along the pier and stopped by Ivar’s to grab a few drinks and try their creamy clam chowder (so good!). Later for dinner, we experienced our first “seafood feast” at the Crab Pot and was definitely not disappointed!

2018-07-17 08.57.30 1.jpg2018-07-17 08.57.30 2.jpg


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Kerry Park

Kerry Park was a sighttt. We were able to take in one of the prettiest scenic views of Seattle. If you’re looking for an Insta-worthy place to take pictures of the skyline while visiting, Kerry Park is the place to be! We saw so many people taking pictures. It was funny because I noticed a couple being shy to ask someone to take a picture for them. I went up and asked if they wanted their picture taken if in return they could take a few for us too, LOL (this is a good tip if you want someone to take a picture for you!). Although it was cloudy the day we visited, the views were still gorgeous — but I’d love to visit Kerry Park again while the sun is setting!

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There are so many things to do in Seattle, and these were just a few of my favorite things we did during our weekend getaway. To be honest, I feel like Seattle is a little underrated. It’s one of those cities where many people don’t really think of right away to go to for vacation. There’s just so much more to See-attle! 😉 I would love to go back and visit again someday. Next time, I would definitely go hiking to explore the more natury side of the state!

Have you ever been to Seattle? What was your favorite thing to do, see, or eat?

Also, if you made it this far, thanks for reading! I’ve never written a blog post about travel, but this was so fun to write! Let me know as well if you enjoy these types of posts and I will write more of them. ❤

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