What’s Not to “Like”

Here is a question that I’m honestly curious about: Does anyone else notice who “likes” and doesn’t “like” their photos and posts on social media? Call me a creeper or a hardcore millennial if you will, but for me, this doesn’t go unnoticed.

The reality is this: not everyone is going to “like” everything they see on social media. This is a fact, and yes — I, too, am guilty of not “liking” things as well. Sometimes posts get missed and lost within our feeds. Sometimes they just don’t have any relevance or importance to us. Sometimes a post is from someone we haven’t seen or talked to in a while, or, we were never really good friends with them to begin with.

But when a friend — more specifically, a rather close friend — rarely ever likes your things but is always so quick to “like” (and even comment on) your other friends’ pictures and posts, is this considered shady?


I have a friend that I used to be pretty close with. It’s been a while since I last talked to her or even seen her in-person — but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t used to be good friends, right? Over the years, I’ve noticed that she wouldn’t ever really “like” any of the things I posted on social media — and when she actually did “like” one of my things, it stood out to me — because it always happened so rarely. And as I’d occasionally “like” her things here and there, I couldn’t help but watch from the sidelines as she’d continue to “like” every one of our friends’ posts time and time again — all except for mine, of course. What does this mean when a former close friend constantly likes all of your friends’ pictures and posts, but never any of yours?

On Instagram, for example — she would never “like” any of my pictures, but whenever I would post something to my Insta Story, she would be one of the first people to view and watch it. This showed me that she was most likely seeing my posts on her feed — she just wasn’t “liking” them. But she definitely was “liking” and commenting on our other friends’ pictures… Why bother following me if this were the case?

I thought this was a little weird, but who knows? Maybe we were drifting apart. Whatever the reason, I shrugged it off and didn’t think anything much of it.

Then one day I saw her post a funny video on Snapchat and decided to send her a message and compliment on how amusing it was, hoping to spark a conversation again with my old, good friend.

What happened next?

She opened the message and never responds — leaving me on “read.” No reply. No “thank you.” Not even a simple “thumbs up” or any sense of acknowledgement that she had seen that I’d messaged her and given her a compliment.


I had no idea what was going on, but despite it all, I’ve come to realize that I actually don’t care if my former close friend “likes” or doesn’t “like” any of my things — but I’m done putting in the time, energy, and effort in being the only one interested in rekindling our friendship. It takes two to tango, and if I’m the only one moving to the beat, then it’s time to focus on those that will actually care to dance with me (LOL).

Social media is a funny thing. Your social media interactions (or lack thereof) with your friends can say a lot about your relationship with them. It can bring to light which friends are actually being really supportive with how you’re doing in life and which are actually low-key throwing shade.

What is your experience with social media? Have you ever had a “shady” interaction with a friend online? Do you know notice when friends “like” and don’t “like” your posts? Share it with me — I’d love to hear your stories!