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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you still haven’t gotten something for the woman that gave you life?! Don’t worry! The ladies at Maison de Fleur Designs are taking floral arrangement orders up till this Saturday (May 12th) at 12PM — and they’ll arrive just in time for Mother’s Day! Aside from your own mother, don’t forget to celebrate the other motherly figures in your life (and don’t forget to include yourself as well if you own any fur babies)! 😉 Read on to find out what the local mother and daughters floral design, Maison de Fleur, is all about.

What is Maison de Fleur?

Maison de Fleur is a floral design company here in Minneapolis, MN started by us and our mom.


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What is the meaning behind “Maison de Fleur?”

“Maison de Fleur“ is French for “house of flowers” and the meaning behind our name is inspired by our parents’ teen years growing up in France. Being Hmong immigrants at the time, French was their second language and some of the very first words we learned as kids. For as long as we can remember, mom always had a flower garden and we were heavily influenced by the nostalgia of the flower bouquets that she would leave around the house.


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What inspired you to start the company?

The idea of starting this floral company has always been present in our lives. Our mother was a florist at heart and flower arranging was a natural craft for her. At one point, Darly decided that we should turn her hobby into the business that she had always wanted. Our inspiration for this start-up actually came from the success stories of companies that began on social media. Without this outlet we wouldn’t be able to connect this fast with all of our present customers. The accomplishments that we have had so far is largely due to the support of our friends and family and we continue to grow every day!

What makes Maison de Fleur unique and different from other floral companies?

Starting this company we wanted to be open-minded with all types of floral designs. Right now we are focusing on creating sentimental and beautifully wrapped bouquets but we are also planning more projects for the future! Since we are a Minnesota based floral company we have access to a lot of nature-inspired designs but we also want to extend that to floral arrangements you typically won’t find in our corner of the town. Our goal is to bring fresh and diverse ideas to our community while maintaining the elegant and French theme that we have built our brand on.

Working with a team that you can call your family is also the best part about this! The foundation of our company began with our mom, the matriarch of our household and this makes Maison de Fleur Design so uniquely embedded into the family values that we share with our customers.

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What are your personal favorite bouquets?

Cindy: Anything that has to do with peonies mainly because it’s the most prominent memory of flowers that we can remember. Growing up, mom had a large peony bush by our gates and in the spring time the aroma would fill our front yard and the inside our tiny home! They also have the most delicate features that can be easily incorporated into any bouquet.

Darly: They’re all my favorite. It never ceases to amaze me how each stem has it’s own look, purpose and special place in an arrangement. The whole process of creating a bouquet comes with an endless admiration of each stem leaving me absolutely in love with all the bouquets by the time I’m done.


Les Dames de la Maison de Fleur Design

Dou Vu

Mother of the beautiful Vu family, experienced florist, and lover of life.


I was born in Laos and lived there for the first eleven years of my life. As a child, my grandfather always grew flowers around the house and therefore I’ve always had a love for flowers. When I was twelve years old my family moved to France and there I met my husband. But it wasn’t until 1976 that we got married. After thirteen years in France, my family moved to the United States (1989) and shortly after, my husband and I started a family of our own. In 1994, I began making my first big floral arrangements for my family and friend’s events. In 2001, after many years of trial and errors, I wanted to open my own flower business but my father and husband disapproved of the idea because it was an uncertain investment and at the time I had seven kids who were too young to help around. But I still continued to make floral arrangements to help people with their events and as a hobby. Fortunately, when my daughters grew up they shared the same interest and dream of opening a flower shop of our very own. February 14th, 2018 was the first day of Maison de Fleur.

Darly Vu

Mother of Luna (featured photo), mermaid in a previous life, and lover of fairy tales.


Besides being a florist at Maison de Fleur Design, I am also studying to be a medical laboratory scientist. As much as I love working in a laboratory and being a part of a team that saves lives, I’ve always had a side of me that wanted to create beautiful things. I originally started Masion de Fleur Design to share my mom’s talent in floral design but now it has also become such a wonderful outlet for me to expend my creative energy.

Cindy Vu

Mother of Oliver, InstaQueen, and lover of all things boujee.


Certain aesthetics go hand-in-hand and naturally, floral and fashion are two accompanying elements. I grew up always having an interest in clothes and styling — my mother being an influence of this predominantly due to the matching outfits she often made for my sisters and I. I attended college with an emphasis in art and writing but since graduating, my career has mostly kept me in corporate offices. Maison de Fleur was just a flower assignment that I used to help my mom with for the occasional wedding or party but now I am excited to say that it is something I am a part of and a brand that is close to my heart. To be driven by a creative process that is so beautiful in itself is my dream fulfilled. Similarly to how I love a good outfit, I look forward to designing bundles of flowers into the next vibrant and delightful bouquet.

Check out more photos of these stunning arrangements, place orders, and keep up with the Vus on their floral business journey! Think of Maison de Fleur Design whenever you are in need of some blooms.

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