That’s Why You’re Not Dating Me

Let’s set the record straight. If you think this post is about you, you’re probably one of the people who inspired this post. 😉 So…you’re not dating me – why do your thoughts on my relationship matter? I’ve had endless conversations with multiple friends about my relationship and people have talked to Peter about it as well.

They question Peter’s patience or jealousy. 

“You have a lot of guy friends. Doesn’t Peter get jealous?” 

“How does Peter deal with guys hitting on you or trying to talk to you?”


They criticize his “leniency”.

“You party a lot. I would never let my girl go out to the bars/clubs without me.”

“I wouldn’t be okay with my girl drinking with other guys.”


They criticize my own, independent choices. 

“How does Peter feel about your lingerie shoot? I would not be comfortable with my girlfriend posting photos of herself in lingerie.”

“It’s so weird that you still talk or hang out with guys that used to like you.”

“Is Peter okay with you posting your swimsuit booty pics?”


There are even conversations like these happening – 

“If you were like Sophia, I would break up with you.”


Well shit… that’s why you’re not dating me! There’s a reason why Peter and I are together and why we have worked for the past 5 1/2 years. We’re not a perfect couple by any means, but we’re constantly making an effort. If it’s working, why question it? Every couple is different and we all have our preferences. There are things that other couples do that would not fly with me, but that’s why I’m not dating them! Anytime someone has talked to Peter or myself about our relationship, we talk to each other about it… and laugh. And to end our conversation, Peter has always reminded me this: “Don’t ever change. You are your own person. You’re interesting and fun. It really doesn’t matter what other people think. And I love you for all of it.”  


If you have said anything like I’ve shared in this post about my relationship, don’t worry. This post was all in good fun. I actually love talking about the differences between my relationship and somebody else’s. It makes me love Peter even more for being the way that he is and appreciate him for loving me the way I am. But the next time you question my relationship, remember: you’re not dating me. 🙂

Black dress photos by Kat Vang | Instagram Maivab Photography

Lingerie photo by Mouy Bun | Instagram Moku Photography

Couple photo by Kelly Kwong | Sweet Petite Photography

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