My Top 17 Moments of 2017

Happy new year’s everyone! May this year be full of happiness, love, good health, and accomplishments. Every year, there are always the highs and the lows. When we’re experiencing a high, we love everything and everyone. But when we’re experiencing a low, it feels like the world is against you and you’re never going to get over this negative part of your life. Sometimes, when we experience a low, we forget about all the other great things that have happened.

I definitely had some rough times this past year and at the moment, those times may have ruined 2017 for me. But after taking time to reflect, I’ve realized that 2017 was an amazing year despite the bad times. It was filled with more laughing than crying, gaining more friends than losing, and more opportunities seized than missed.

And so, here are my top 17 moments of 2017 in chronological order:

(1) Ringing in 2017 with confetti and “Purple Rain” in the background

(2) Starting this personal blog with my best friend Lellian


(3) Coordinating the Tet Fashion Show with my bestie Darly and watching our models SLAY


(4) Embracing my body and walking in a lingerie fashion show with my biggest supporters in the audience


(5) A very memorable cabin trip getaway with 1039 for Ashley & Abe’s farewell party


(6) First ever girls’ trip in VEGAS – being taken care of as VIP & being swooooned by Magic Mike

(7) Graduating college with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Human Resource Development


(8) The most memorable (or what I can remember at least) 23rd birthday from boating on the lake to dancing the night away


(9) Raving for the first time at Yellow Claw & the rest is history


(10) Seeing my all-time favorite animated movie “Anastasia” live on Broadway and meeting Derek who played heartthrob Dimitri

(11) Traveling with my best friend/lover, Peter to New York and Colorado

(12) Landing my first big girl job with a Fortune 250 company


(13) Writing my first fashion article and having it published in The Volk magazine

IMG_5238 copy

(14) Playing the love interest in a music video for Keny Grey’s first single

Click here to watch the video!

(15) Planning and hosting the most EXTRA parties with my trust-y party planners

(16) Losing my voice at some of the most amazing concerts

Alex Aiono & William Singe | Yellow Claw | Lauv 

Jingle Ball | Rezz| ARMNHMR | The Horizon Tour

(17) Ending 2017 with the greatest people I know

2017 was phenomenal. I’m both excited and nervous for what 2018 may hold, but cheers to the future!

What were your favorite moments of 2017? Let me know in a comment below! 🙂 Take risks, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and never lose focus of your dreams. Have an amazing 2018!

Signate S