It’s a Date! (06/29)

This blog post is dedicated to Carlos — my best friend, boyfriend, and favorite.  This month marks 3.5 years of our being together since June 29, 2014. Happy 3.5 Year Anniversary, my love! (Love youuu, hehehe.)

Back in the day when we were especially young and naive, Carlos and I would celebrate not only our yearly anniversaries, but monthly ones too. And, as a result, our love for each other continually blossomed into a delicate flower while our bank accounts pricked our asses. Now, we don’t really celebrate our monthiversaries as often anymore, but we still go on occasional dates here and there — which is great for a healthy relationship in my opinion! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a few date ideas and activities that Carlos and I have gone on that I really liked. Whether you’ve been in a relationship since forever or are single as a pringle, these could still be some awesome date ideas that you could put to use!


Photos taken by @sweetpetitephotography.

Dinner and a Movie

Carlos and I are always eating. And we love trying new food places and restaurants that we’ve heard nothing but good things about. It’s great that we get to enjoy a delicious meal, and we especially love spending time talking and interacting with one another while waiting for our food to arrive! It definitely calls for some good quality bonding time.

After eating dinner, we usually catch a movie as well (correction: if we don’t have a food coma). Carlos and I actually went to see a movie the first time we ever hung out together. He took advantage of the car ride there to ask me a bunch of get-to-know-you questions. (And he also kept asking me occasionally throughout the movie as well, haha! It was cute.) We also make sure to always pick something that we both would enjoy watching.


Bike Ride on Your Fave Trail

For our very first “official date,” Carlos took me bike riding on his favorite trail at Minnehaha Falls. I actually hadn’t ridden a bike in forever, so Carlos saw me stumble a few times and struggle bicycling up a hill (which I’m sure he still finds amusing to this very day). If you’re well-coordinated and aren’t physically challenged like I am, bike riding would be a great activity — especially if there’s nice weather, scenic views, and a cutie cycling alongside you on your venture.



Going to the arcade is always fun. I love being competitive when playing air hockey with Carlos, making bets with him that I’ll win at the racing games, and redeeming our combined tickets at the end of the night for just three packets of SweetTart candies. Despite winning or losing at any game, I really like how arcades seem to give off that “cutesy” date night vibe that can get us both laughing, appreciating each other’s company, and having a memorable time.



Some people don’t really like shopping, but Carlos and I do — especially when we’re with one another (so don’t be surprised if you find us at the Mall of America on the weekends!). There’s just something about walking around hand-in-hand with the person you’re interested in and seeing what kinds of things catch their eye. In the beginning of our relationship, I was especially impressed whenever Carlos would point out or show me something that reminded him of me or what we had talked about earlier. It gave me the chance to learn that omg, an actual boy that exists and acknowledges my being his girlfriend actually pays attention to me! Yaaas.

received_10210627665904770.jpeg25434137_10215077905240179_1239168677_oThere are so many great date ideas and activities to choose from — and these were just a few. Hopefully it sparked some thoughts as to what fun things you and your significant other or boo thang can do the next time you’re hanging out, wanting to do a date night, or even meeting for the first time through Tinder. But in all honesty, if you and that special someone connect well together, it doesn’t really matter what date activity or idea you decide on. Dating is more about wanting to spend time with someone you like, find attractive, and enjoy the company of — regardless of the activity. So, if you find that your dates with that special someone continue to go well, over time, you might also find that the dates will continue and fly by before you know it.

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