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This blog post is different from the usual story-telling posts I write. If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I’ve been hinting at some exciting news. Keep on reading to find out!

If you haven’t heard of The Volk yet, you need to go check them out right now. Seriously. Here, let me help you. Here’s a link to their Facebook page, a link to their Website, and a link to their Instagram.

The Volk is a local/lifestyle magazine that is a certified non-profit organization that launched in 2016. Everything they do is a collaborative effort. The photographers, the stylists, the hair and makeup artists, the models, etc. are all there on their own free will and time to create something . My favorite part? Money raised from their magazine sales and annual holiday fashion show go to Allina Mental Health, Mercy Hospital.

Last year, I was very lucky to be a model in their 2016 Holiday Fashion Show. It was one of my favorite fashion shows to date. The team was supportive, friendly, and professional. Since then, The Volk had asked me to come back as a print model and I was one of the featured models in their Fall 2017 edition! It was the first time I had ever been published in a magazine and I was ecstatic.


The Volk: Fall 2017 | Editorial: Ditsy Daisy 

Models: Sophia Korm & Leah Schwelling | Photographer: Alex Kohnstamm
Creative Director: Meghanlee Phillips | HMUA: Casey Pearson

On August 2nd, 2017, Meghanlee Phillips, editor-in-chief of The Volk, reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in being a fashion journalist for the magazine. I was in complete shock! Me? A fashion journalist? I’m a personal blogger meaning I blog about my thoughts and life experiences. I don’t write about fashion. But Meghanlee told me she’s seen my blog and thought I would be a great addition to the team. I was hesitant but then remembered that there is no growth in the comfort zone. So I accepted the offer.

IMG_5089-Edit 2

Aside from being a personal blogger, I am now officially a fashion journalist for The Volk magazine! My first article will be published in the 2017 Holiday Edition that is on sale this Friday, December 1st!

IMG_5238 copy

This was the first time that I’ve ever taken full control on a shoot. From the makeup to the styling of the outfit, I was in charge. At first, it was super stressful. I had to have my article done by November 1st, but it was supposed to be a Winter article. What trend could I write about in advance?! How would I know if it would actually be trending by then?! I looked to Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. And then, one of my all-time favorite idols popped up on my feed: Janice Joostema. She was rocking a blush faux fur coat, looking flawless. I knew that that was going to be the next big thing.

I turned to my blog partner and bestie, Lellian, to be my second look. Our blog’s go-to photographer, Mouy, happily accepted the project. And my childhood face slayer, Samantha, beat our faces for the shoot. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. The photos turned out better than I had ever dreamed. It was so hard to keep this article and these photos to myself for over a month!

If you want to read my fashion article, or are interested in The Volk magazine in general, please use this link to purchase your very own copy for 30 dollars or a pdf version for 10 dollars. Or if you are attending the 2017 Holiday Fashion Show this Sunday, December 3rd, you can buy a copy for 20 dollars (cash only). Remember, the proceeds are going to an amazing cause! I am extremely humbled to have something of mine be published in a local magazine. I’m not sure where I want to go from here, but I’m all for it. Trust the journey.

Here’s a peek at some of the photos! Let me know what you think of these statement coats. Head over to my Instagram or Lellian’s for more over the next few days!


Blush Faux Fur Jacket: Revolve



Gray Faux Fur Jacket: Topshop


Thank you for always reading and supporting. Lellian and I are planning for more consistent blog posts as we quickly make our way into 2018.

Please support the photographer who made my vision come true: Mouy Bun

And the makeup artist that made sure we looked bomb: Samantha Boulaphanh

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