10 Ways You Know She’s Your BFF

IMG_7211Who’s that beauty in the middle of us, you ask? Meet our best friend, Darly! In honor of National Best Friend Day, we decided to dedicate a post to our best friend! Love you, girl! xo

You have those you can call your friends and then you have your best friend. We’re talking about the girl that you can relate to, that you can be yourself with, that you instantly “click” with. She’s the one that will protect you like her puppy, love you like a sister, and treat you like a girlfriend! Here are ten ways you know she’s your BFF:



1. You can talk to her about anything.

You know she’s your best friend if you feel you can open up to her about anything. This can include topics that you normally wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with your other friends: things that you’ve never told anyone, personal updates about your current love interest, screenshots of your text messages – you name it! You feel comfortable and at ease when talking to her about these things because you know that she just gets you.

2. She’s honest with you/not afraid to hurt your feelings.

There’s a difference between somebody telling you what you want to hear versus what you need to hear. She’ll tell you if something you’re wearing isn’t flattering or if you’re the worst snorer she’s ever heard! But she’ll also get real with you if you need advice about life or love. Your best friend will tell you like it is even if she knows it might hurt your feelings. Like a mother, she wants what’s best for you in the long run. If she realizes that you’re making a mistake, she’ll slap some sense back into you!

3. You tell her everything, even if someone told you not to.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t tell anyone, okay?” This usually means that someone told you something juicy and they asked you not to tell anyone. But is that really the case with your BFF? You can try not telling her any of the secrets, but is she really your best friend if you didn’t tell her at least a few of them if not all of them? And even if she has nothing to do with what you know, you just feel the need to tell her anyway. Why does she need to know these things? She doesn’t. So just remember the next time you plan on telling someone a secret, you might actually be telling two people. 😉


4. She is always there for you.

Your best friend is someone who will always be there for you, especially during your time of need. She’s the type of person that will answer a spontaneous phone call from you, notice that you need someone to talk to, and put whatever it is she’s doing aside to give you her full, undivided attention. She’s got your back 24/7, and that includes making time for you –  even if she’s busy. Your bestie really cares about you and your well-being, and she does a good job of showing it!

5. She knows you.

Your best friend knows you like clockwork. If you were to message her in the slightest way differently than how you normally would, she’ll ask you right away if you’re okay. If there’s a person in the room that makes you feel salty as hell, she’ll know – and instead of feeling uncomfortable, she will say the most obnoxious things like, “Look, it’s your best friend!!” And if you’re trying to order food, you don’t even need to worry about it. She got you. Prime example: Sophia knows that Lellian will get the 2 for $3 at McDonald’s – chicken nuggets with sweet & sour sauce and a McDouble. Sometimes she’ll go for a shake. But if the Shamrock shakes are available – it’s a no brainer.

6. She’s the only one that can call you ugly and beautiful at the same time.

Aside from being your personal cheerleader and making you feel like ‘YONCE, your best friend will also be the one to insult you on a daily basis. You can’t help yourself to a second piece of cake without hearing it from your bestie. From the outside looking in, you would think you guys were enemies! But if anyone else dared to insult you, all hell would break loose.

7. You can be extra with her.

Let’s be real. We can all be a little extra sometimes – even to the point where people would tell you, “You’re so extraaa!” But you know what? That’s okay. Because you know for a fact that your bestie will always be there to encourage you and join in when you feel like embracing your “extra” self. Your BFF will buy matching hats or sunglasses with you; she’ll wear themed outfits for a GNO with you; she’ll even use the flashlight on her phone to give you some bomb-ass lighting for a picture of your food for the ‘gram! Your best friend is not one to complain or judge when you feel like going “all out” or feel the need to be extra. This is why you can always count on your bestie to go the “extra” mile with you.


8. She is present.

This reason is one of the biggest things that sets your best friend apart from any of your other friends. It’s about more than just listening to your rants or slaying everyone at the club – she will physically and emotionally be there to support you. Just got dumped? You can trust that your bestie will be at your door with ice cream and your favorite food. Graduating? She’ll be screaming the loudest at the ceremony. Modeling in a fashion show? She’s your biggest fan. Her presence at important events in your life is how you know she isn’t just a friend, she’s a best friend.

9. She is your Instagram girlfriend.

Who needs an Instagram boyfriend when your best friend is your ultimate Instagram girlfriend?? When you ask her to take a picture of you, she’ll take several. Not only that, but she will get down on her elbows to get your best angles, she’ll fix your hair, and she’ll even suggest what poses you should do all while yelling out, “Ooooo, girl, work it!!” She brings the slaying Instagram hoe out of you and always wants to capture you in your best moments.

10. She takes your secrets to the grave.

Did you do something really embarrassing? Were you being stupid again? No worries! Your best friend would rather die than to ever spill your biggest secrets. You can trust her with anything and everything. She’s got your back.

Does your best friend do any of these things? If she does, she’s a keeper! Cheers to our best friends and future bridesmaids. ❤

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