6 Ways to Cope With Heartbreak

Heartbreak is not something that one can overcome easily – you were broken by the last person you thought would leave. There are many ways to get over a heartbreak, but here are our top six healthy ways to cope with heartbreak!

1. Cry.

If you feel like crying, cry. Let it out. It’s not healthy to hold it in, so feel your emotions – but at the same time, don’t dwell on them. Dedicate a whole day for you to cry, watch sad movies, eat ice cream, and listen to past songs that you and your significant other used to share together. And then, the next day, pick yourself up. Go to school, work, and carry on with your daily activities. It’s okay to feel sad, but that doesn’t mean your life should be put on pause. These emotions are temporary, but your life choices are permanent.

2. Limit the things that can spark reminders.

One thing that can hinder you from overcoming heartbreak is if you are constantly reminded of your ex. To help with this, you can limit and remove the things that spark reminders of them – unfollow/delete/block their account on Facebook, erase their number off your contact list, put the gifts they gave you in a box and place it in storage. It’s normal to think of them every now and then, but when you’re reminded of them daily, that can especially make it more difficult for you to move on and get past the heartbreak.

3. Spend time with others.

When you’re in a relationship, you may find yourself spending the majority of your time with your partner. Now that you have more free time in your schedule, what better way to utilize it than to catch up and spend time with those that you care about? Hanging with family and friends is a great way to reconnect and build stronger relationships with others that hold meaning in your life. Surrounding yourself with people that care can also serve as a great distraction when coping with heartbreak.

4. Treat yourself.

Here’s a little lighthearted reminder. Girl, let’s be honest – now that you’re single, you’re also richer! You don’t have to spend money on gifts or dates anymore. That cute Kate Spade wallet you’ve had your eye on for a while? Treat yoself. That bomb Glow Kit by Anastasia that’s brighter than his future? Treat yoself. They do say that shopping can be therapeutic! Just don’t max out your credit card. 😉

5. Pick up a new hobby or rediscover an old one.

After the end of a relationship, you’ve probably found yourself with a lot of time on your hands. Use this time to pick up on something you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to longboard or learn how to play the guitar but never had time. Or maybe you lost a hobby you once loved and can pick back up on it. You may have forgotten that you once loved something else that made you feel whole as well.

6. Focus on yourself

Last but not least, do you. A heartbreak can be seen as a blessing within a curse. Many of our friends have used their broken heart as a motivation mechanism. Hit up the gym. Eat healthier. Take care of yourself physically while your emotional self heals. Go out with yourself. Order the most expensive thing on the menu and enjoy a glass of wine with it. Rediscover yourself. You were someone before him and you are still someone after him. Search for the things that make you, you. This is a time of rebirth. And when you find yourself again, embrace yourself. All of it. Take the time to love yourself before you love another. There’s no rush. You are a complex and beautiful human being so don’t rush the healing process. You are worth it.

The heart will mend itself in time.


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