First Love: Everything You Expect

Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed love stories. There were Disney movies like Cinderella, where fate manages to bring two people of different worlds together. There was The Notebook, where true love prevails regardless of time and space spent apart from one another. Whether any love story had a happy or sad ending, I had always believed that two people in love could conquer anything.

These preconceived notions about love gave me especially high expectations when I got into a relationship with my first love. But, what’s really interesting is how my first love was everything I expected it to be.

True Expectation: You strongly believe he is “The One.”

I entered my first relationship with the mindset that my first love would be my only love. I felt that he was the one that I wanted to experience the rest of my life with. I felt nothing could ever break us apart or come between us because we would always try and find ways to work things out with one another. We would also always talk about the future with each other – marriage, where we wanted our future house to be, how many kids we planned on having. He was “The One,” and I knew he felt the same about me.

True Expectation: You love him so much more than you would have thought possible.

I felt I would do anything for him, and I always wanted to be there for him. My first love taught me how to love someone unconditionally, and sometimes, even irrationally. I had never felt this way about anyone before. I loved everything about him – flaws and all.

True Expectation: He makes you feel the happiest you’ve ever felt.

Before he had entered my life, I was happy and content. Little did I know that there was an even better sense of happiness beyond what I had already been experiencing. I didn’t know that he was capable being able to make my day in ways that no one had ever done before. The simple good morning texts, the hand-written letters, the sweet things he would say – all of that would bring a huge smile on my face when I’d receive them. He was the first person that truly made me feel wanted, attractive, needed – he made me feel loved.

True Expectation: He becomes your world.

My first love definitely became my world; he consumed my thoughts and even made it hard for me to concentrate sometimes. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would do was check my phone for text messages from him. I would video call him through Skype late into the night til 5am, and even when I would get tired I would still want to continue talking to him. I would put him first before everything else.

True Expectation: You give him your all.

Without any hesitation or doubt on my mind, I gave my first love all of my trust. I shared things with him that I had never told anyone else. I made myself vulnerable, because I wanted him to know the real me. No barriers, no walls. Just me and my whole self.


My first love was everything I expected it to be, but there were some things that I didn’t expect I would experience at all.

Signate L

… To be continued on First Love: Everything You Don’t Expect.