10 Guys You Might Meet Throughout Life

1. The Player aka “Fuck Boy”

This is the guy that you hear about before you meet. The one that your friends warn you about, but you ignore them and give him the benefit of the doubt anyway. He’s attractive – and he definitely knows it. At first, you’ll feel like you actually trust him and can connect with him on a personal level. BUT, when you get to know him a little better, the red flags start to appear. You hear about him hanging around other girls. You find out that he’s been smooth-talking someone else just the same. He is exactly what his reputation lives up to be and you end up feeling like you shouldn’t have let him slide into your DMs. You might learn the hard way, but you’ll learn not to associate yourself with him in the end.

2. The Number One Fan

The Number One Fan not only likes you, but he absolutely adores you (insert heart eye emoji here). This is the guy that follows you (both on social media and possibly even in-person), showers you with compliments, and even asks you to hang out with him. He’s the one that “likes” all of the photos you post and has a tendency to comment on them to make sure you know that he admires you. Although you can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable from the attention and compliments you receive from The Number One Fan, just know that he has good intentions through it all… at least, we hope he does.

3. The Ship That Never Sailed 

This is most likely your best guy friend. You two are always talking or hanging out and there is nothing romantic. And yet, to the outside world, a girl and a guy can’t just be friends. There HAS to be feelings from one side if not both. He’s the guy that all your friends and family ask about and when you deny anything, they don’t believe you. But no matter how much you and your friend were “shipped” together, it just never sailed.

4. The Crush

The Crush is the guy that catches your attention the moment you see him. He is the ultimate eye candy – he has nice hair, the cutest smile, a well-crafted body… there’s no denying that you find him attractive. Whether you subconsciously do it or not, you might even find yourself going to the library where he studies at night hoping to run into him – or, you might go to the gym on Thursdays hoping you can catch a glimpse of him doing squats in his good form. You and your friends may have even associated him with a “code name” or nickname to use when you all secretly talk about him in public. All in all, it doesn’t matter if your crush on him is on-going or short-lived, you feel he won’t ever see you the way you see him – and that, is ultimately why he is called: The Crush.

5. The Hot and Cold

The Hot and Cold is confusing. This is the guy that you want to be in a relationship with, but you don’t know where he stands on that subject. You feel that he likes you, but at the same time it’s hard to tell that he actually does. He will give you mixed signals: one moment, he might ask you to study or hang out with him one-on-one and your conversations would go really well; the next moment, he might not text you back for a few days or even bother to talk to you or see how you’re doing. Although the Hot and Cold can frustrate you by making your hopes rise and fall again and again, you still somehow end up liking him through it all.

6. The Good Friend

The good friend is someone you care about and appreciate immensely. He’s been there for you through it all, good and bad. He’ll listen to you rant about the stupidest things or about the most personal things. He’s someone you can trust; someone who won’t judge you for your mistakes. You’d be there if he ever needed anything because you know he’d be there if you needed him. In some cases (not all), the good friend may start to develop feelings for you. But to you, that’s all he will ever be – a good friend.

7. The One at the Wrong Time

This is the one that you will get along with from the start, become instantaneous friends and possibly be interested in. But, he has a girlfriend. So you stay friends. Then you get a significant other and now he’s the one who’s single. So you stay friends. Then you find yourself single again, but yes, you guessed it, he has a girlfriend. So you stay friends. And although it would have been nice to know how things could have played out had you both been single at the same time, you learn to accept it and move on because it just wasn’t meant to be.

8.  The One That Got Away

This is the one that you regret not giving a chance to. For whatever reason it may have been – not wanting to ruin a friendship, choosing someone else over him, or not wanting to be tied down at the time, you regret letting him go. Maybe not right away, but later on whether it be a few months or years later, you find yourself thinking of him and wondering all the “what if’s” had you let him try.

9. The One You Thought Was The One 

The One You Thought Was The One can also be known as your “first love”. This is the person that you end up falling for without hesitation or caution. He teaches you what it’s like to love someone unconditionally with no walls or barriers. You feel you will spend the rest of your life with him because he is what you’ve always imagined “The One” to be like. However, somewhere down the road, this person ends up hurting you in some way and turns out to be completely different than who you had known him to be. Although things don’t turn out for the best like you had hoped, you will always remember this person to be the first one to teach you a lot about love.

10. The One

As cliché as it sounds, The One is the person that comes when you least expect it. This is the guy that you can see yourself with for a very long time – the one you can imagine yourself marrying and having kids with. You feel you have a strong connection with him and can talk to him about anything and everything. You’re always there for one another, and you feel that you can take on the world together. The bond that you two share is not only one of good friendship, but of passion and love.

Did someone (or multiple someones) pop up in your head as you read this?


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