Hello 2017

Cheers to my first independent post of 2017!

With the new year means new resolutions – new year, new me? Kidding. I’ve stopped setting myself up for failure a few years ago by not listing off all these “resolutions” just because one digit changed in the date and then completely forgetting about them day 2. Instead, I like to look at the new year’s as a time to recollect myself and reflect over the last year, good and bad. And then I decide what my new year’s goals are.

And so without further ado, here are my goals I hope to accomplish in the anticipated year of two-thousand and seventeen.

1. Write.

This is probably my biggest goal. I really want to rediscover my creative passion that’s been put on hold for so long. Lellian and I are hoping to give you two independent posts per person and two co-written posts every month.

2. Stick to a hobby.

There are so many things that I wonder had I stuck to it, would I have been an expert at it now? I’m an expert at not finishing what I’ve started, that’s for sure – piano, saxophone, ukulele, sketching, writing, makeup, vlogging, even embroidery! I’ve always given up. I challenge myself to find something that I will stick to throughout 2017 and beyond.

3. Step out of my comfort zone.

As time is passing me by, I’ve realized I’m not going to get any younger and so I need to take things on without fear. There is no growth in the comfort zone. And I want to grow in all aspects of my life whether it be my passions or just being myself. These past few months, I’ve already stepped out of my comfort zone by taking on the opportunity to lead a whole fashion show with one of my best friends, Darly. It has already taught me so much!

4. Land a sweet job. 

I’m graduating this May. That means the next chapter in my life – adulting. The ideal situation is to line up a job before I graduate. But I don’t want this to be just a job, I want this to be my career. A place that I enjoy coming to every day and where I feel like I’m doing something valuable.

5. Visit home more often.

This past summer, I moved out for the very first time. It was bittersweet, but I felt like it was the right time. I get homesick once in a while, but school, work, and being fashion show coordinator has taken up a lot of time. This last semester is going to be crazy as well but I’m hoping once I graduate, I’ll have more time to see my family.

Thanks for getting through the entirety of my first post! I hope you will follow Lellian and I as we continue our blogging journey!


Signate S

Photo Credit: Touchaingkong Yang